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Party Dude Parties offers a variety of entertainment for all occasions under a number of different hats! Chose from:

the Party Dude

Perfect for children's parties of any kind!

the science dude

the perfect blend of education and entertainment!

great for birthday parties as well as school assemblies, workshops  and events!

the disco dude

perfect for school discos and events!

Party dude parties - it's not just for kids!

party dude parties can also provide evening entertainment for weddings, milestone birthdays and other grown up celebrations!

check out the tabs above to find out more about each dude! 

the dude behind the party

meet party dude kev!

Kev, the founder and director of party dude parties, has over 10 years of experience working with children from numerous avenues such as

International touring theatre

children's parties

musical theatre directing & performing 

franchise management & delivery of school based science workshops

through the combination of his knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and passion for performance, party dude parties was born and continues to deliver fantastic parties and events across Essex and beyond! 

did you know? Kev played mr poppy in a stage version of the nativity and was recently likened to him in a review! 


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